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Kristin Tjornehoj is the Director of Bands and Orchestra at the University of Wisconsin River Falls.  In her 26th year of university educational service, her duties include direction of ensembles, Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Band, Wind/String Orchestra and chamber ensembles.  She has taught a variety of courses including conducting, instrumental music research, history of jazz, music appreciation, instrumental music methods, theory, world music, music education and woodwind methods.  Her passion is teaching conducting for undergraduate and graduates, students, and adults.  Dedicated to reaching a wide audience, Tjornehoj also designs and teaches courses online.

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Seeking international exchange of composers, conductors, teachers, and students, while encouraging others to do the same, is one of the most important things leaders can do to facilitate understanding and respect between nations. Representing a wide variety of music in programming is a way to begin for all conductors. Strategic initiatives to promote, support and encourage composers of underrepresented populations and countries is important and WASBE efforts could be a valuable tool toward this goal.  International and national understanding needs the efforts of leaders and music is an understood and respected way to exercise a voice toward acceptance and tolerance.  WASBE initiatives could be aimed at expanding the influence through the conference offerings, articles promoted, and activities throughout the world.  Commission consortiums to promote and respect national heritage and transcend international boundaries can be a benefit to all conductors.   WASBE is a strong platform to organize people toward goals that use music as a vehicle for respect, tolerance and understanding.  These kind of musical based unifying efforts are needed now more than ever before as we watch conflict rage and see people in great need.   


Jack Swanson

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Fall, 2022


Active as a guest conductor and at home and abroad, Kristin serves as a clinician and program evaluator, conducts master classes and workshops, and is frequently invited to adjudicate in competitions. Founder of the Three Rivers Concert Band, Dr. Tjornehoj has led performance tours to Austria, China, England, France, Hungary, Italy, New Czech Republic, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and has scheduled performances in Belgium, Germany, and Holland this spring.  The Three Rivers Concert Band is comprised of students and adults aged 18-80 that pay their own way to travel every 2 years to various countries and perform concerts.  Collaborations with bands within the countries is the goal for cultural exchange and musical enrichment.  Every aspect of the tour is inspired by the goal of quality music making, sharing with others, and cultivating cultural exchanges.  

Tjornehoj has served as the artistic director and conductor for the Shell Lake Arts Center band camps which provide positions for future conductors and music educators to work along-side dedicated, talented teachers and performers. Dedicated to all styles of music, Kristin has commissioned over 25 works for bands, chamber groups and wind orchestra and premiered numerous compositions in the USA.  Most recently, March 2022 a world premieres by Indian American composer/performers Nirmala and Shruthi Rajasekar at the University of Wisconsin River Falls.  Producing and planning for premier performances, guest artists, and arranging collaborations for composers and musicians is a highlight for conductor Kristin Tjornehoj.

This spring, the University of Wisconsin River Falls Commissioned Composer Project finds American composer Alex Shapiro writing a work for the Symphony Band entitled “Free”, conducted by Kristin Tjornehoj.  She hosts a new composition or a guest artist at nearly every performance to support her professional goal, a mission of supporting living musicians while providing a balanced program of repertoire, with over 10 concerts produced annually. Promoting music by living composers, women and less represented populations through careful and thoughtful repertoire selection is a trademark of Kristin Tjornehoj.  


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